Saturday, May 23, 2015

Frist Pots

The year is 2015, and this is my first ever blerg post.

I purchased a "Certified Pre-owned" (CPO) 2012 Audi TT-RS from Mentor Audi on May 4th, 2015.  Interestingly, I purchased my previous car (2008 VW R32) on May 5, 2008, I believe. (FIXME!)  I traded the R32 for the Audi, and I'll miss it... but it was time.  Stuff was starting to break, expensive stuff (alternator, paint, LED tail lights, etc).

This blog is going to be where I keep details on the mods done, and potentially do some DIY posts.

Car is absolutely amazing thus far.  When it released in 2012, it was instantly on my "dream car" list, and thankfully with someone else taking the depreciation, increases in my pay, and the graciousness of my wife, I'm now in a position to be able to afford one comfortably (at least with a 6 year loan).

There are some minor issues with the car, but Mentor Audi, and specifically Dave Silver, my sales guy, have been great about fixing them so far.  I highly recommend Dave in Mentor if you're looking for an Audi.

I don't feel like typing much more now, I'll probably make another post later with more specific details, but I wanted to get something on this page as a start.  I have a pile of parts ready to go on already, so there should be changes here regularly, at least at first.  I'm thinking the next post will be a baseline overview of what was immediately wrong with the car and my experiences over the first few weeks.

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